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Shot History for Specific Hole Available During Round

It would be great to be able to see a history of your shots from near your present location during your round, including what club you hit.  

The specific example I'm thinking of, is if I had a way on the tee box of a par 3 that I've played several times, to see what club I had hit previously on this shot and where it ended up. Then I could club up or down appropriately based on what I had hit before. This could also be useful on approach shots to other holes.

Currently during the round you can access Statistics > Courses > Choose the Specific Hole > Map View (for approach or drive).  This shows you the history of where your shot ended up for a particular shot or drive, but doesn't associate a club with the shot.

This could possibly be accomplished by being able to just cycle through the map view for a specific hole from your various rounds when you've played that hole.  Being able to do it during the round is key though.

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