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Add Club Tags: Putter from Fringe, Penalty

My overall goal of Golf Tags plus a watch is to disconnect myself from the phone as much as possible - this is really where Golf Pad differentiates itself from other solutions out there. 

Adding the ability to assign tags for Putter from the fringe, and Penalty would be really nice.  Eventually adding this to the watch would be good as well.

For some golfers, both of these two scenarios have the potential to happen just as often as a most other long and medium iron.

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I don't use a golf watch, but I'm wondering if this suggestion is planned for eventual inclusion in the app.  I generally try to never look at my phone while playing - just mark the clubs and away I go.  When I do have a penalty, I find I almost always have to go back in and edit the round on my phone when I'm complete.  This method had improved, but it would be great if a penalty could be applied easily on the phone and then the shot distance wiped out from the stats on the previous shot.

At the moment, I guess I need to either pull my phone out and do it manually or get a watch of some sort, as I understand it's simple to add a penalty through it.  Or, I continue to edit rounds after I've completed them - relying on my memory (which is increasingly failing with age!).


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