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Website Full Stats

On the mobile app I see all sorts of options for viewing statistics, including nice maps by club of where shots have typically landed for drives vs. approach.

On the website there is very limited stats available.  Only per club basic stats.

I request that the website become more full featured to match the abilities of the mobile app.

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 One of the features I'd like for the website is to be able to edit your shots/rounds like you can on the mobile app.  Often, I forget to mark a tee shot and it would be nice to make the edits on the large computer screen rather than on the small phone screen.

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Agree with all of it. A nice Web Developer could add these features. And the ability to change things at home on a desktop versus a small phone would be a big benefit.

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I hadn't seen any follow-ups or acknowledgement.  Any thoughts related to this topic?

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Would be nice!

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I would love to see how my statistics compare to others at my handicap level.  I would also like to be able to compare my stats to those of lower handicaps so I can see where I have the best opportunities to improve my game.

Hi all. Just a problem for french people on website stats, we can not choose meter instead of yards... Can you please add this option? Thanks.
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