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GolfPad Newbie - App/Tags/Watch - FIR/Miss tracking? Tag Painting?

Alright, sorry if this is in the wrong section - wasn't sure where to post it.

I decided to jump in head first, I bought the Premium App Monday, just got the GolfTags in the mail yesterday and unfortunately the Magellan Echo showed up broken - but looking to use a watch too.

I have a few questions, was hoping others may chime in or maybe some of these thoughts can turn into feature requests.  I tried to scour the forum and didn't see anything.

When using the app this week I attempted (mostly incorrectly - I've figured it out now) to get every stat I possibly could recorded into the phone.  Unfortunately that was quite distracting - hence where golf tags and watch come into play.

I've seen nothing on here about being able to track shot FIR, left right miss, etc on a watch.  Do any of the watches support that right now?  I'm a stats nut, and really want to incorporate these kind of stats into my game but don't want to pull out the phone.

The Echo is a lot cheaper than a gear or android wear...are there things I would be missing out on, if using the Echo?  Have others had amazing experiences with any watch in particular?

Also - Love the tags, don't love the color.  Has anyone tried painting their golf tags, had any bad experiences or issues with it not working after?  I understand NFC technology and think it shouldn't affect it - but wondering if anyone has experience.

I'm excited to start using this system more!

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I can try to answer a couple of those questions.

There is not a way to track FIR from the watch itself but the app does use an auto detect feature for fairways and should do so even when tracking shots from the watch, obviously, shots that are on the edge of the fairway sometimes get recorded incorrectly but you can adjust this on the phone itself.

Painting the tags should not cause any problems and I would be curious to see/hear your results. I believe that we will have Black Golf Tags in stock toward the end of this month.

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