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Pebble Watch Middle Button - Add Putts Off Green or On Green

 The new pebble main screen is nice - it now shows strokes, putts and penalties in real time in the lower left corner.  As before, when using the right hand middle button, you can add a putt or a penalty without taking your phone out of your pocket.  It would be nice, however, to have two putt entries in the add stroke mode: one for putts made from off the green and one for putts made from on the green.  In one of the golf leagues I play in, we keep track of putts, but only putts on the green.  While putts made from off the green are counted as strokes, they aren't truly putts, and it would be nice to have the electronic score keeping in GolfPad GPS reflect putts made from on the green only.

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Right now, you can change this on the phone itself. If you select the blue square that displays your score, it will produce a shot list. If you press the button that looks like 3 vertical dots next to a shot, a menu will pop up that allows you to 'set club' and one of the options is a putt from the fringe.

Perhaps in the future we can look to add this to the watch itself.

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