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Smartwatch UI to track club used

I would like to see the ability to indicate which club was used on a particular shot from the watch UI. 

By default, it could use the suggested club based on distance to green, but then you could use a small button or wrist gesture to bump the club up or down depending on what you're using for the situation. This would allow players without tags to get shot statistics as if they had tags.

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Hi Joe - Thanks for checking in. This feature is planned to be available this summer as part of our stand-alone smart watch feature for Android Gear S. As soon as we have launched, we'll post an update in the forum as well as FB and Twitter. We'll most likely also email current users. If you stay tuned with one of those methods, you'll be among the first to know. :) 

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That is amazing. So pleased because it really is the best golf app I've tried. This will be a massive cherry on the top for me. Thanks for your response.

Wow, didn't think I'd ever have to dust off the old android watch! Sounds great. 

The NFC tags have been working great too. i just have to remember to tag!!

Will the feature to select club from android wear be added?  I purchased the subscription solely to be able to track from my android wear.  The lack of ability to select a club makes it worthless, I still need to pull my phone out on every shot.

Brandon - thanks for your patience. I've confirmed we will be adding to Android Wear, however it will be available on Samsung watches first. We don't have a specific target date for Android at this time.

Thanks for the update.  Let me know when the feature will be avail.  This is the only thing keeping me from paying the subscription.  I will have to evaluate other apps in the meantime.

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