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Shot tracker showing one shot too many?

It seems to me that ShotTracker is showing one too many shots when I use it (the Android version, btw).  So I'm supposed to click the O+ button in the lower right corner when I tee off to mark where I start the hole.  But right away, the score box says 1 0 (1 stroke, zero putts) even though I haven't hit the ball yet.  That doesn't seem correct (or intuitive, at least).  I stopped using the app after a few holes because it was confusing me.

Am I doing something wrong here?  I like the idea of the app, but it this issue became distracting, so I stopped using it.  Thanks for the help!

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All the shot tracker is doing is preemptively counting your stroke. In order to track shots you have to have the initial starting point so the app just counts the shots right away, partly as a way to show that you have indeed tracked a shot because you don't want to hit a shot walk away from your position and then realize that you forgot to track your location.

This is a problem that I have experienced as well and I don't understand the answer.  If I mark before each of my shots to set the location, then when I get on the green, I'm going to have to mark a location prior to putting.  That means my putts would have to be one short to make the final score correct.  It seems that you would want to have an option to mark the tee location independent of where you end up.  

It only takes a little bit of time to get used to.  When I check yardages, I click for my shot (yes, before I actually hit the shot) and immediately mark the club I'm going to hit as well.  When I reach the green, I have used two different methods to count putts:
(a) I can wait until I hole out and then click the PUTTS+ for each putt I make (so click once or twice or more after I hole out, although I guess you could do it before each putt as well)
(b) I mark the shot before I make my first putt and the club I mark is "Putter from Green".  This will count it as a putt and if I have more than one putt, then I click on PUTTS+ for each additional putt I take.

In scenario (a), I think the distance for my approach may not be recorded/measured, since the app doesn't know where I took the first putt from (unless it assumes the middle of the green, but I don't think so).  My scores for the hole are correct, and the putts taken on each hole are also correct.

In scenario (b), the approach shot is recorded/measured, since the app knows where I made my first putt from.  When I mark the first putt location, I choose the club as "Putt from Green", and the app automatically counts that stroke as a putt.  Any additional putts are marked with PUTTS+.  I don't bother to mark the location and club on each putt, since I don't think the GPS is that accurate.  Regardless, my score and number of putts on the hole is correct.  You just have to remember to only press PUTTS+ for additional putts after the first one.  I sometimes get this confused and mark an extra putt, but it's easy to go back to the hole and undo the last shot to get the score correct.

Thanks, I'll give a try next outing.  Seems like a lot more clicking, but when I get the hang of it, probably not too bad and more info as well.

It is just part of my shot routine now.
1) Get driver out of bag, walk to the tee off position hit shot track button (the target with the small + sign), immediately hit "set club", "D", back arrow. Put tee down - Drive ball.
2) Walk to new ball position. Check distance, hit shot track, set club, 7I (for eg), back arrow. Take shot.
3) Walk to new ball position. Hit shot track, set club, Putter (Fringe or Green), back arrow. Take putt.
4) Walk to new ball position (Hopefully in the hole LOL!). Hit shot track, set club, Putter on Green, back arrow. Press next hole. NOTE: If I forget to shot track the second putt, before I take my drive on the next one, I just press +Putt option to finish off the previous hole.

It really doesn't take any extra time at all. And because I carry my phone in my pocket or on my buggy, it is always at hand.