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Open format for exporting the statics

I think we should be able to export our data into an open format. Nowadays, users are expecting this kind of feature.

A json format? 

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This is another feature we will be looking to add in the future.

Hey - new to golfpad and would love to export data.  (Actually would love to import history, but looks like only option is manually for now.)  Is this export feature finished and available?  Does anyone know - thanks!!

I would also like the ability to download my statistics and perform my own analysis

Any update on if this is going to happen? Also what about the ability to import scorecards using a csv format into golfpad?

I need to input my scores into a handicap system. I can do this by posting a file to it. 

In 2020 the Equitable Stroke Control changes to Net Double Bogey and therefore it is much easier to provide hole by hole scores to let the Handicapping system take care of that. 

To get the hole-by-hole gross score in the standard Export would be useful. As an alternative, adding the 18 hole-by-hole score as a csv in the email that is sent would be very useful. 


Checking on the status of this

Any word on this?

Yes please, +1!

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