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Smartwatch 3 watch gps instead of phone gps

Any chance of adding an option of using the Sony Smartwatch 3 watch's gps over the phones?

This would allow leaving my phone in my golfbag on the cart rather than in my pocket.  Often the cart can not be adjacent to a shot (par 3's, around greens and cart path only after rain etc.) so the gps and shot tracking isn't usable. 

Other apps like Ghostracer can select the onboard watch gps instead of the phone's gps to allow running without a phone.  This ideally would lead to phone free golfing which could sync on reconnecting with the phone.

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Definitely a feature we are looking into adding.

Yes! This would be great. I'm sure that more watches will be incorporating android wear onboard GPS in the near future too as 2nd gen AW watches start to come out.

Add me to the list that would love this ability. If I am asking for new features for the Smartwatch 3, how about using the on-board NFC for the golf tags as well! No need for a smartphone on the course at all with that ability.

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@Randy Masso. I don't believe Android Wear's API's include support the on-board NFC chip yet. Someday (hopefully soon) it will be the full package.

We have recently added the feature that allows users to now use the GPS location from the smart watch itself, if the watch is equipped with its own GPS.

How about using the NFC on the Smartwatch 3 with golf tags? I have golf tag, and love the info they give me, but sometimes its a pain to find the spot on the phone where the NFC lines up.

How about the NFC use with the smartwatch 3? I have golf tags, and love them, but getting them to work with my phone is distracting and not 100%. Will the NFC on the sony watch read my golf tags?


Unfortunately, The NFC in the Sony Smartwatch 3 is not actually capable of scanning the Golf Tags. It is actually basically the same technology that is in the Golf Tags. To be able to scan them requires different hardware. Maybe someone will come out with a smartwatch one of these days that actually has the ability.

There are currently no smart watches that have a built in NFC reader, due to both size and power consumption issues.

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I find it is easier if the club is gripped so that the tag is just below the index finger and thumb. Then touch the phone with your fist and the phone accepts the tag every time. Your hand can feel the precise spot to hover the golf tag over.

For Samsung Gear S3 as well! Great feature to add.

See my comments in the Forum threads "Ability to select clubs on Samsung Gear" and "How's it going with LINK?" for a discussion of the long- and often-requested Golf Pad feature allowing the selection of clubs on the watch. Such a feature (1) could eliminate the need for TAGS (not to mention LINK, which Golf Pad has, in any case, decided to stop producing/selling), and (2) if implemented as a standalone watch app (i.e., a connection to the phone during round play is not required, as has been done by some competitors) would include the use of the watch GPS location and the downloading of data (such as club selection and shot location) to the phone app after the round (or, if necessary, each hole) is complete for detailed statistics/analysis. Do that for your Premium subscribers, Golf Pad, and you'd get/keep a lot more if them -- assuming your other features continue to be superior to the competition (which they currently are, in my view).
Looking to buy the Samsung galaxy gear fit2. Will this watch work in stand alone mode?
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