The Golf Pad app allows you to mark the flag or pin position on a particular hole. 

By marking the flag, you'll get the most accurate game analysis, including strokes gained and putting stats.

Here's how:

You've started your round and are tracking each shot using GPS with distance and position.  

The simplest way to mark the flag is to tap the icon in the lower right with three vertical dots. (NOTE: this option is only available on Android at this time, it's coming to iPhone soon. Please scroll down for alternative method available on both iPhone and Android).

Next, select "mark flag" in the menu that appears in the lower right. 

Then, tap to mark the flag position.


Here's another way to mark the flag:

Tap the blue score box. 


Tap the + symbol on the next screen. 


Then tap "flag position". 


You'll see a map view of the green.  If you are standing at the flag, select "current location" in the lower right to mark he flag position. Alternatively, hold your finger down on the cursor until it is highlighted. Move the cursor with your finger to reflect the current position of the flag.


Tap "OK" in the lower right and you're done marking the flag position for that hole. Remember to do this with each hole to see more precise stats for things like strokes gained and putting.