TIP: We recommend you set up tags and verify tracking works well at home, before you head to the golf course.

Printable Quick Start Guide 

Video Tutorial

Attach TAGS to your clubs

Attach TAGS to all clubs, including putter. Use a twisting motion to gently insert the post into the club grip. Do not over-tighten.

Enable TAGS

Start Golf Pad app and open Preferences, then select Golf Pad LINK / TAGS

Enable 'Golf Pad LINK / TAGS'

Assign clubs

Within the same screen touch the tag to the back of your phone (this is where the antenna is usually located). Select the club from the list. Repeat for all clubs. 

NOTE: the location of the NFC antenna varies on different phone models. Try scanning all around the back of the phone and against the top edge. Once you found the spot with the best scanning range, use it for tagging shots during a golf round.

You are all set, you can now start a round! See this page for instructions on how to use TAGS and Smart Lock during a round.