There are 3 types of codes/keys that can be used in Golf Pad app: Premium license keys, Premium license discount codes and Golf Pad TAGS promotional codes. Please check which type of code you have and how to apply it using the instructions below.

Premium license keys

Users who purchase Golf Pad TAGS will get a license code for a complimentary year of Premium access. From time to time, Golf Pad sells special Premium license keys, which come in the form of an eGift Certificate. Here's how to enter the license key and upgrade to Golf Pad Premium. 

If you buy TAGS and are already a Premium subscriber, follow these steps instead

On Android phone:

First, install and open the Golf Pad GPS app. Then enter the preferences icon on the start screen. 

Next, tap License. 

Enter your code on the next screen and click done. Now you can create an account and log in to enjoy all the Golf Pad Premium features. 

On iPhone:

Start Golf Pad app and go to preferences on the start screen.

Tap License to enter a code.

Enter your code on the next screen. For iPhone, don't tap "done". Instead, you'll see "send" on the phone keyboard, lower right. Tap "send". Now you can create an account and log in to enjoy all the Golf Pad Premium features.


Note: You can use a link on the start screen that says "enter code". Tap that link to enter your code. 

NOTE: If you purchased Premium via App Store/Google Play or on the website, then subscription upgrade is applied automatically in the app. If changing phone or reinstalling the app, just log in with the same Golf Pad account.

If you received an upgrade code with TAGS but already have paid subscription, see this article: What do I do with the code that came with Golf TAGS if I already have a premium subscription?

Premium subscription discount codes

There are special coupons which give you a discount on Premium upgrade. These coupons are included with certain partner products or available as limited time offers. Scan QR code to apply a coupon or enter it manually on the website and follow further instructions:

Golf Pad TAGS promotion codes

Promo codes provide a discount on Golf Pad TAGS purchase. We make promotion codes available during limited time sales or by invitation. If a discount becomes available, you will receive an email (be sure to sign up at or see an offer on the start menu in the app. To apply promo code to your purchase, add Golf Pad TAGS to cart here.

Select a payment method and fill in the required information. Enter code at checkout step and click on "Apply":

Now you have a discount on your order! Follow the next steps to get your order placed.