If you purchased Premium in the application, via Google Play, the Apple App Store or on the website, you don`t need to enter a license code. You will be automatically upgraded in the application. If you purchased Premium, but it`s still not active in the app, try refreshing license. 

To refresh license on Android devices: 

  • Start Golf Pad
  • Go to Preferences (it`s in the upper right corner) 
  • Tap on the refresh button in the upper right corner. 

If you need to refresh your license on iPhone: 

  • Tap on "Upgrade to Premium"
  • Then "more" button in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select "Refresh" license.

A license code is only provided with a promotional offer or purchase (for example, when you order TAGS or LINK). A code is contained in the package with LINK or TAGS. You can enter a code only after the package delivery. The code is printed on the package insert.

How do I enter a license code? Note, your promotional code doesn't expire until activated and is transferable.