If you upgraded in App Store, Google Play Store or on Golf Pad website, there is no license code needed. Your account is upgraded automatically once the purchase is completed. You can see your upgrade status under Golf Pad preferences / License. And if you get a new phone, your upgrade will transfer as long as you log in with the same account, no license code is needed. Learn more about ways to upgrade: How do I upgrade to Golf Pad Premium?  

If you purchased Premium but it did not show automatically, try refreshing license. 

To refresh license: 

  • Start Golf Pad
  • Go to Preferences
  • Tap on the refresh button in the upper right corner. 

If you need to refresh your license purchased via Apple App Store on iPhone: 

  • Tap on "Upgrade to Premium"
  • Then "more" button in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select "Refresh" license.

A license code is only provided with a promotional offer or purchase (for example, when you order TAGS). A code is contained in the package with TAGS. You can enter a code only after the package delivery. The code is printed on the package insert.

How do I enter a license code? Note, your promotional code doesn't expire until activated and is transferable.