Golf Pad tags with Galaxy Watch 6

Posted about 2 months ago by Karen Yee

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Karen Yee

Hi there, 

I currently own a Samsung S23 phone and am thinking of getting a Galaxy 6 watch. I also own the Golf Pad tags. My question is whether there has been any updates to the NFC capabilities so that the tagging will work directly with the watch vs having to tag to the phone. 

Any help of feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

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Annie Mallory posted about 2 months ago Admin

Hi Karen, not quite yet. The watch companies aren't allowing this but we are working with them to keep pushing! I love the combination of the watch and the tags, you never have to take your phone out at all and tracking is so easy. We will keep pushing on the watch tagging but until then, you have the best combo for tracking and stats out there with the new watch :)

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