Automatic tracking of tee shot

Posted 18 days ago by jsflysrc

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Too often when I arrived at the ball on the fairway after my tee shot, I noticed that I forgot to that shot. I typically ended up entering a shot with a club with 0 yard distance recorded. 

Feature request: 

1. Golf Pad shall provide an option configuration to enable auto tee tracking such that when it is enabled, Golf Pad shall automatically add a stroke using the recommended club at the location of the selected tee the user have chosen for the golf course they are playing at. 

2. If auto tee shot tracking is disabled and when the user enter a stroke not on the tee shot, Golf Pad shall provide an yes/no option to add tee shot at the tee and allow the user to choose the club of the club selection.

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Peter Stegenborg Steiness posted 11 days ago

In this situation, you will have to edit shot data post round anyway, since it will not be the correct club every time. So personally I do not believe this feature adds any value. (and by the way, GolfGPS does only map the position of one tee placement per hole)

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