Galaxy Watch 5 Pro drain standby

Posted 2 months ago by Topher Mori

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Topher Mori

I feel like I saw this posted somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Also I don't think this would just be limited to the GW5 pro only.  This is in reference to the battery being used a tonne when the app is not active. So when you are not playing golf and on a regular charge the golf pad app is always the top battery use by far. The easiest thing to do is to uninstall the app when I'm done my round then install it again before I'm ready to play next.  However that sounds like a real pain.  Can someone in the app development look into why this app is using so much background battery.  For testing purposes I've made sure the app is not running in the recent apps. I've tried rebooting the watch after I've used the app. I also have it listed in the deep sleep apps when not running. Regardless what I do it always seems to be the top user. 

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