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Posted 23 days ago by Nic Brokenshire

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Nic Brokenshire

I have been experimenting with Data Export and I have a couple of questions.

1.  Is there any way to get it to only export the last round played?  Once I have downloaded all the rounds I've ever played, I only really need to get details on the new rounds.

2. I manually entered a match play round (4 players in 2 teams, better ball format).  While I was delighted with how well GolfPad stored the data and worked out the winners of each hole, this round did not export for some reason.  Is this a bug?

3. Although I received an email within a couple of minutes containing all the data, the app is saying, "Data export started on 2024/01/26 at 10:20am.  please allow up to 2 hours for processing"  If it has already sent me the data, what is it doing?  

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Beat posted 14 days ago

I think the data export as CSV is excellent, as it is chronological, so I can easily copy paste the rounds that I want to take into my Excel.

If you want to export time dependant the I do not just want to have the last round , but also to select the rounds of the year, months etc. Just a comment: It is strange that the export indicates lengths in yards, although the distance is in meters (I selected the international unit of meters).

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Nic Brokenshire posted 15 days ago

Thanks, Annie.  I look forward to their reply.

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Annie Mallory posted 15 days ago Admin

Hi Nic, I have passed this on to engineering and will let you know asap!

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Nic Brokenshire posted 23 days ago

Having entered a few more rounds, it is now exporting them all so ignore my comment #2.  Also, it only took maybe 10 minutes before it had finished 'processing' so comment #3 can be ignored.
It would still be good if there was the facility to export just the last round played though.

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