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Posted 6 months ago by John Moriarty

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John Moriarty

I was wondering if there was more info that could be pulled up when you're playing a round based on previous rounds. I play the same course regularly and getting stats like what clubs I've played previously from the tee and where those shots have gone; when I've finished a hole, how I've done relative to previous rounds; if I've played a shot from a similar position then what club I played and how it went. At the moment historic rounds feel like they disappear into a hole of sub menus, this would be a way of bringing them more front and centre and could be really useful during a round.

Just an idea! 

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Mark Stracey posted 3 months ago

I've just asked myself which are my best and worst holes I play on my home course, ie what's my average score on each hole.   Couldn't find the answer on the stats section so happy to give support to John's request.

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Andrew Turner posted 4 months ago

Yeah would be great to see heatmaps / aggregated views of how you performed on a single hole throughout time. Do I always miss left on this hole? What's my usual layup distance etc.

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