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Posted 7 months ago by Tom Mobbs

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Tom Mobbs

It would be awesome if you could create a range practice mode. This way you could improve club statistics for a more accurate game.

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Riley Anderson posted 17 days ago


Yes, that makes sense, however, at a range, there are flags helping us gauge distance. Approximate ranges based on flags are more accurate than an average of a ton of bad shots during an actual round.

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Loyd Bryant posted 6 months ago

If you add a practice mode it should be separate from round mode. So it should allow tracking distances and shot shape from a static location. 

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Annie Mallory posted 6 months ago Admin

Hi Tom, the app tracks where you are on the golf course and as you get to each shot, records the distance from your last to where you are located on your next. The range mode wouldn't work for this reason unless you went to pick up your ball every time. Does that make sense?

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