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Posted 8 months ago by Brian Cunningham

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Brian Cunningham

Would like to be able to plan my round in advance of playing. All that means is this: 

- Either fix the starting tee position when you select the tee or be able to manually change the starting tee position. 

- be able to add multiple target points like the one that is already in existence, the yardage would display the distance between target points or to the flag if you only have 1. 

- I would like to be able to save the plan and overlay it on top of the round when i am actually playing but would be ok if that wasn't an option if my first 2 points were possible.

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Annie Mallory posted about 2 months ago Admin

Hi Jason, this is definitely something we are working on and is very high on the list. Agree 100% and this will happen!

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Jason Kinton

Jason Kinton posted about 2 months ago

I agree. I like to plan my rounds in advance. It would be great to be able to change the tee position and plan approach shot distances. Let us know when this might become available.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted 8 months ago Admin

Thank you. We really appreciate you taking the time to send us detailed suggestions. Knowing the thoughts of users like you helps us make it better for everyone. We'll be sure to pass these along to our development team for consideration in future updates.

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