Strokes Gained and red/green color blindness :) (just a dream request actually)

Posted 10 months ago by Peter McIntyre

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Peter McIntyre

I’m tracking shots, flag locations and penalties (water, lost balls etc) and I’m enjoying the strokes gained feature to target improvement. I can’t really grasp all the info from the hole by hole review due to the subtleties (to me) of some of the shades and colors used.  I’m volunteering as a beta tester but you need a completely different system.  I’d take just the raw SG numbers if you figure out a good UI.  Love the product

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted 10 months ago Admin

Hi Peter. Thank for sharing your feedback. We appreciate it. I'll be sure the development team receives it. 

Are you already part of our beta tester group? If not, here are instructions on how to join Golf Pad's beta program. 

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