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Posted about 1 year ago by N. Nappe

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N. Nappe

When using shot tracking, it would be enormously useful to be able to quickly record a voice note about a particular shot using the mic in the watch, and have it be linked to that shot(with a little mic icon, maybe?), when, for example, reviewing a round on the satellite map view.  For those of us who often play scramble, etc, it would also provide a quick way to record which team member's ball was being played on that stroke.  There are so many times when I'd like to comment on what I did wrong/right on a particular shot for later review, and there's just no time to fuss with a phone to add it to the round notes during play.  Thanks for considering.

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Timothy Luce posted 4 months ago

I had this same thought (Apple Watch though). 

Automatically getting the extemporaneous expletives for each stroke could be fun (as long as we could delete the especially embarrassing ones when we share them)

The idea of typical buttons for Fat, Thin, Slice, …. Could also work but the voice to text would be preferred. 

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N. Nappe posted about 1 year ago


If adding voice recordings is too much work, how about this:

Give us perhaps a dozen user-definable "tags" that we could quickly add to the current shot we are tracking.

These tags would appear on the map-view, alongside the tracked shot arc, when reviewing the round, etc.

Personally, my tags might be things like:

worm-burner; pure; fat; thin; fade; draw; etc, etc.

Or when playing scramble:

my ball; joe's ball; ed's ball; etc, so I know who's ball got played when tracking clubs/shots

We'd want to be able to assign multiple tags to any given tracked shot.

I don't know if WearOS would allow you to slide the club-tracking page sideways to reveal the tag page, or if t would make sense to add an item to the top of the club list to take you to a tag list, etc.

One related feature I'd LOVE to see is user-definable order for the items on the club-tracking page, as well as the ability (on a galaxy watch with rotating bezel) to scroll "past" the beginning and end of the list, to quickly get to items at the very bottom, like Undo, Putt Out, etc, by scrolling up at the top of the list.  Would save a TON of scrolling.

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Jonathan Andersen posted about 1 year ago Admin

Hi N. Nappe,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this idea, an interesting concept for sure. I have made a note of this to be reviewed at a high level. 

If there are any other details you'd like to share, please do so.

Thank you for sharing your detailed thoughts on this.

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