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Posted about 1 year ago by Malcolm Hauser

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Malcolm Hauser

Dearest Golf Pad Developers

I'd hazard a guess and say 'practice mode' has been raised as a suggestion on the odd occasion. So here goes again sorry :-( 

I have to say that I really like the app. New to the sport and stats recorded add an interesting dimension to gameplay. The live scoring, leaderboard, and tournament features add another level of interaction with other players. I particularly like the in-game game feature (e.g. cuts and snips etc.). 

I need practice though. 

Games to play whilst practicing that draw on stats capabilities would be great. I'm one of those battlers that refuse to be priced out of the game, so I tend to hit a few at the local footy ground. 

Just wondering if there is a way to include a practice mode with features such as recording dispersion when hitting at a target?

The concept is simple in that it would allow me to pre-define a shot location (i.e. track shot feature) and target location (i.e. mark flag feature). Then, when I head out to pick up all my garbage, a simple press of a button every time I collect a ball to log its location. 

Outputs would then provide a measure of accuracy and precision per club, per distance per session, and over time! 

When the greenskeeper is on holiday, I also like to play a game called 'spin-the-bottle' to practice U&D's and putting. Spin a bottle at the hole, set-up at a predefined distance from the hole in that direction, then take potshots at the flag. I then record balls within 1, between 1-2, and 2+ club lengths of the hole and record the number of putts per ball. The bottle introduces great variability in the lie (which I record) and green conditions at the landing zone. Stat outputs similar to above with a couple of extra dimensions. 

I'm sure there's a crap load of other little games that might be fun to play while grinding outside of gameplay. And I'm sure you've probably heard them all, but what do you think? Would something like this be of value? Is there anything in the pipeline? 





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