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Posted over 1 year ago by Raymond

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Hi, I find the Stats one of the most useful parts of golfpad beyond the actual score keeping. 1) I wish some of the graphical visualizations available in the web dashboard were available in the phone app. The dashboards and graphs, at least on Android aren't as the beta I've noticed that the playing history section is completely improved on android...I would love to see these visual improvements done in the stats area too. 2) A list of features I wish existed or worked differently A) Best and Worst Rounds Overall (in dashboard). B) A more visual dashboard / landing page on the Android app. You have a menu but I want to be able to see my stats at a glance before drilling down into the deep details. C) Best Course & Most Difficult Course (in dashboard) D) Indicator during play of what holes were difficult (When I get to a hole, I want to know if I struggle on this hole according to previous data from playing at the course) E) Trend lines and/or Trend Arrows on all/most stats. It's not enough to just know strokes gained for example... I want to know, at a glance if any particular stat is trending worse or better, without having to drill down into a chart (in dashboard). The garmin app tells you if you are improving or not. F) A way to enrich penalties with more data (hit into water, out of bounds, lost ball) G) A way to edit the round time (you can only edit the date!) H) A way to set or determine the weather conditions during the round (golfpad premium only maybe?) I) A way to set "performance goals", and then get stats on your progress and see those goals during a game. J) More gamification to encourage growing your skills and making skill progress, similar to how Strava has badges, and weekly and monthly skill competitions you can sign up for, and compete against just yourself, but also join leaderboards 3) If GHIN uploading is still delayed.....fine...but then can we at least add a feature for other players, even if they do t use golfpad, to attest your score via an email confirmation? The Grint does this, and it goes a long way towards having some proof of valid scores if you want to enter a tournament or if your local golf governing body, e.g. golf canada or usga requests to see attested score cards. Thanks

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