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Club auto-select when tracking

In the last update (1 March 2023) a feature was introduced that auto-selects the recommended club after a few seconds when tracking shots.

This is not as great a feature as the developers must have thought it to be and I find quite annoying. I rarely choose the club that the app recommends which means I have to pull my phone out of my pocket and delete the last club selection (I use a watch).

What I would like to know is how to turn this *off*.

Any advice is most welcome.


I'd love to turn this off too.

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I'd like to turn this off too. I find quite annoying

Thanks for the feedback. I'm checking with the team and will post an update when I have more information. - Cindy

Hi all - Regarding the auto-select club, there isn't a setting to turn it off, but the timer should stop when you scroll and then you'll should be able to choose the club that you. want. There is also "undo" option in track shot menu that will save you time if a club is selected that you aren't using. 

@Jeff Watts - I'm interested in learning more about your experience with the app's club recommendations. Most users who have tracked their rounds seem to find the recommendation to be accurate, especially with the PLAYS LIKE feature. Could you please share why you usually choose a different club? 

Hi Cindy. The only time that I choose the club that the app has suggested is when my ball is sitting right in the middle of the fairway with no obstacles in my way (dog-legs, fairway bunkers, trees, wind, etc).

Also, I have created a "rescue wedge" that I choose when I'm hitting a recovery shot, I'm close to the green and hitting a chip and run or just using it when I don't want to affect the stats of my standard clubs. The "rescue wedge" can be anything in my bag. When I'm within the imagined range of the "rescue wedge", the app will choose it over the club that I want to use. It's normally within 90m or so of the green.

So in my case, the way that the app worked before (just pointing to the club rather than automatically selecting it) works better for me. In my view, the only reason to use it is when you're putting (i.e. not changing clubs), however, I don't track putts. :-)

I'd really like to be able to turn this feature off.


Hi Jeff - thanks for sharing. You may already know, but Golf Pad has an algorithm to exclude abnormally short or long shots from club distance statistics. So that chips, bump-and-runs, recovery shots, mis-hits, etc. do not impact the statistics or club recommendations. You can also manually review and include or exclude shots from distance statistics. 

I've passed your feedback to the development team. I can't guarantee the outcome, however, we do take user feedback to heart when considering our road map. Thanks again for taking the time to share. 

Thank you Cindy, I didn't know that long or short shots are ignored. I might get rid of my "rescue wedge" and see how things go.  That said, I still think it would be a very good option to turn on or off in preferences. 

One thing of note: I used the app again today and noticed that the auto-select wasn't active on the tees. In the case of a par 4 or 5 I think an auto-select of a driver would be very helpful. It's only on the tees or greens that I would choose an obvious club.

Thanks again.

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