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Golf Pad Tags and Smart Watch - need a clear answer

General Question - Can i use the golf pad TAGS with a smart watch by taping the reader to the watch instead of a phone, or when using the watch, is that making the tags obsolete?  I've watched the videos, read the forums, scoured the FAQs and support - NOTHING is out there to answer this question.  In the video, the person is shown manually selecting his clubs on his watch to track - if not using a watch, i suspect he would have the tags and would bump his phone in his pocket - so my question is, can i tap my watch to the tag to select/activate that club or is this not possible?  if it's not possible, then the answer to my question would that using the watch, makes the tags obsolete and i'll have to manually select the club on my watch each time.  

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Mike, you are right on with this question.  I can not find the answer to this question either.  Seems like an obvious question, that no addresses.

I also considered buying the tags, but using the tags in combination with the smartwatch have little benefit. In my opinion: 

1. You can't tap the smartwatch. 

2. You have to tap on the phone, so then you have to wear it on your body, otherwise you get the wrong shot locations and you have to keep the smartwatch connected. 

3. In standalone mode of the smartwatch, there is no shot/score information because it does not have the information of the phone. The smartwatch in standalone mode in combination with the tags, can only be used for rangefinder distances, not for club selection and scores. If you want synchronization of the data, you have to pair it again with the phone. (I don't know how the sync works, if you also keep shots on the standalone smartwatch.)

Thanks for the question and replies from other users. We have information on the topic published here. In short:  At this time all NFC-equipped smartwatches (including Samsung's Galaxy watches) can only act as passive NFC transmitters. None of them are capable of scanning NFC tags. If/when watch manufacturers add tag reading capability, we'll be sure to support it in Golf Pad. 

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