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Posted over 1 year ago by Ronnie Robbins

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Ronnie Robbins

I have been using your golf GPS app for a long time. As I get older and my eye sight gets worse I am finding it hard to see. Adding an ability to use a JUMBO font on the map page for distances would be a nice addition.

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Dean Mevis posted about 1 year ago

Also getting older and want/need for some things to be bigger/easier to read.  But since every displayed feature in every app is different, adjusting the font size/style at the system level is not a good way to adjust the font/style.  I have already adjusted the system level size/style to my overall liking for all of my apps.  But most of my apps also provide an app level ability to adjust fonts/style within that app.  In particular, I find the Scorecard info; hole, par, score information too small.  

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Beat posted over 1 year ago

Hi Jonathan

The GolfPad App on my Ticwatch Pro 3 Wear OS watch is definitely NOt reactive to the phone font size. I tried small, medium, large, no effect at all. 
I also feel like Ronnie, the start screen shows distance in clear large font. But the Hole, Par and Score numbers as well as the clock is too thin. Please make it bold at least.
Further the distance to Hazards is nice feature but the size of the font indicating distance is much too small, making it worthless. 
Please check and improve, Thank you. 

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Jonathan Andersen posted over 1 year ago Admin

Hi Ronnie, 

The Golf Pad GPS app is reactive to your phone font and zoom adjustments. For Android try settings -> display -> font size and style. For iPhone try settings -> accessibility -> display & text Size. 

I recommend starting a round in the app and navigating to map view, Once here open the display settings above and navigate back and forth to find the most comfortable display size or zoom setting. 

-Thank you

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