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Posted almost 2 years ago by Markus

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Hi, I see a few issues with the new live leaderboards. 1. It is not good that you cannot delete a once created leaderboard. E.g. it is not possible to pickup a ball during a round with an active leaderboard, but if you play a tournament with stableford ranking it is required to do so if you are bad at a hole. Not being able to delete the leaderboard in this case makes all the tracking invalid. 2. The joining is way harder than before. I have to invite others instead of being discoverable. Please add this again. Thanks for the app Cheers Markus

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Jonathan Andersen posted almost 2 years ago Admin

Hello Arturo, This is exactly how it will work. Events is designed for tournaments that require a bit more detail, tee times, groups, cart signs, tournament website, etc. Live Leaderboard, while operating on a similar platform is an option that is quicker to setup and only requires course and format, handicap & tee information if net.

Please see this article regarding the process of inviting golfers to keep live scores for your events.

While Live leaderboards are operational for all users, we are completing one adjustment for Events live scoring. We are adding the embedded invite information to the emails sent from Golf Pad Events. We are shifting this functionality from beta users only to all Events users. It is our hope that this will completed in the coming days. 


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Arturo Garcia posted almost 2 years ago

So just saw that live leaderboards seems to be an extension from GolfPad Events, it would be nice if withing GolfPad events if we can add GolfPadGPS users as players by using their GolfPadGPS email.  Thus, if we set up the round ahead of time on the GolfPad Event website and the players ahead of time, it will appear in their app when they show up on the course the day of. 

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Jonathan Andersen posted almost 2 years ago Admin

Hi Markus, Thank you for trying out our new Live Leaderboard feature, and providing valuable feedback.

- We will be implementing pick-ups for appropriate formats, where allowed.

- We will be expanding the options/ways to join a Live Leaderboard.

- If the course or scoring mode are incorrect after creating a Live Leaderboard, simply finish & discard. You can then create a new Live Leaderboard with the correct settings.

As with many new features, our user feedback helps us to properly refine the experience & functionality. Our team is working on adjustments and improvements based on all user feedback.

-Thank you

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