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Live shot distance for watch app

It would be useful to show on the watch face what your real-time distance is from the previous shot. I know the app shows your previous shot distance when you record the next shot, but it would be useful to show this as a value on the main screen as you're walking to your ball.

Currently you have range to front/middle/back of green plus 'Plays like', but it would be good to have an additional live value for real-time distance from previous shot.

MyRoundPro does this and is really handy.

You can see the distance if you have Shot Tracking enabled. After you select track shot on your watch, you just swipe up to see the distance.

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You are right David, this is a very nice feature on my watch, It helps me also to find my ball easier as I walk towards my ball.

What is annoying for me is the extremely small size of the actual time on the watch face, also the numbers for hole, par and strokes are too small. I don't want to take out my reading glasses to read from my watch on the course..

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