Auto shot tracking/map view on watch (galaxy watch4)

Posted about 2 years ago by Hong

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When can we expect auto shot tracking to be implemented using the accelerometer in the watch to detect swings. As well as being able to see a basic map layout on the watch. These features exist in Garmin watches and the GolfShot app for the Apple watch. It is quite troublesome to fiddle with your watch every single time u want to take a shot when it can be done autonomously or having to pull my phone out just to see what the hole layout is. I know you guys aren't keen on giving any sort of timelines of when features will be added but for the love of God please at least tell us what your focus/priority is on so we have some kind of idea what kinds of features are actually being worked on and can expect. The lack of communication from the Devs and repeatedly seeing generic answers like 'it's planned but I don't know when or were working on it but don't know when' is getting tiring.

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Jonathan Andersen posted about 2 years ago Admin

Golf Pad receives many suggestions from our users. We appreciate and frequently implement these suggestions. The development and management team have many things to consider when implementing new features - technical details, demand, resource availability and our overarching service goals. This feature has not fit into that plan as of yet.  I will be sure to notify the team of the continued and renewed interest in the features you've suggested. If you'd like, you can send us details about what you'd like to see for this or any other features via email to We appreciate your continued interest and support.

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