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Wear OS 3 enhancements

The new version for Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3 is coming along nicely. A couple of things I would love to see improved:

I am using connected mode, but still have to turn on GPS on my watch otherwise the distances won't show up. In the past using a Tizen watch this wasn't the case and it really helps with battery life on the watch to be able to leave GPS turned off and get the GPS distances on the watch pulled from the phone.

The scoring screen on the watch is great, larger font and easier to read. I am using the Galaxy watch 4 classic and the rotating bezel doesn't do anything on the scoring screen, it used to be very helpful on the original galaxy watch for changing shots and putt numbers on the scoring screen, would love to see that functionality brought back!

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Thanks for the feedback. We are working on some finishing touches, including the bezel function and will release updates very soon. As I understand it, the connected mode should be pulling from the phone. I'll check with the team and get back to you. Remember, you can always submit a ticket if something seems like it's not working as intended. Then you'll get one on one help quickly. 

Thank you Cindy. In connected mode My watch says 'Location disabled in settings' if I have GPS turned off on my watch. At this point no GPS data is displayed, and the score button is just a blue box without the word score, and pressing it doesn't do anything. Let me know if you want me to submit a ticket on this.


Jim - Here's what I learned. The connected mode setting does not apply to Wear OS 3, it’s only for Tizen watches. With Wear OS 3, it’s always standalone. Yet, if a phone is connected via Bluetooth, the system will pull the location automatically in background (location still needs to be enabled on the watch). I've passed your feedback to the team. Thanks for taking the time to post in the forum.

Cindy, can you describe how a wearOS3 watch (which you stated only has 'standalone' mode) and golf tags would interact? I presume I couldn't tap the tags against my phone (in my pocket), but use the watch to see the key stats there?

Hi Luke,  You would be able to use TAGS as always. The club and location would be recorded using your phone NFC reader and GPS. The watch would still show key stats, distances, etc. 

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Hi Jfhammer
You commented on the larger font and easier to read on the watch screen, I fully agree, it is a big improvement to older versions. But there is still room for improvement for me as older golfer, I dont want to use my reading glasses to read on my watch. Following a screenshot showing that there is still potential for enlarging some of the font and  set it bold, if the space on the watch is better used:


Hi there, I would also love to use just the GPS from my phone. My watch (Fossil Gen 4) is always low on battery if tracking 18 holes. It would greatly help, but if I disable location on the watch it just displays 'please enable location'.

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Thank you very much for this valuable information regarding the experience with your Fossil Gen 4 watch. I will pass your feedback on to our technical team. 

The current design for Fossil Gen 4 requires GPS to be enabled.

Jon, Golf Pad

Good day

 Can someone please advice me if the Huawei watches will become compatible with Golfpad or not? 

Hi Edward,

Our team is focused on feature enhancements and additions for all the watches we currently support. Please see the article below referencing all the watch devices supported by Golf Pad:

At this time we do not have Huawei watches on our features roadmap.  If the demand for Huawei watch compatibility changes we will address it at that time.

-Thank you

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