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Display club distances on hole overview

I'm relatively new to Golf Pad.  So far I am very impressed with it.  If this feature already exists, sorry for posting here.

I tried to sketch the concept on my phone (attached).  The app could show arcs at club distances with labels for the distance and the club.  I have seen several other feature requests related to hazard distances, but I believe this would provide more information in a quickly digestible format.  When hitting a tee shot with hazards, dog legs, etc. the user would quickly see which hazards are in play for a particular club or choose the club to stay short of a hazard.  When hitting an approach shot, it would also be clear what club would avoid greenside hazards.

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Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion and feedback. We are actively working on hazard distances right now. I'll be sure to submit your feedback for consideration in the future. - Cindy

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