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Garmin Watches

Hi I paid for the pro version, despite there being missing key features and have been generally OK with what I paid for. However, I now have a Garmin watch, as they are making HUGE leaps in quality when compared to other smartwatch brands. I was really disappointed to find that despite a huge suite of Garmin watches having been around for quite some time, there is STILL is not even an iota of support for them. I've seen a lot of hand-wavy responses about how the different providers APIs dictate integration, which as a software engineer, I accept. However the total lack of a roadmap and any explanation about why and WHEN this might be generally available is a bit confounding. I don't accept the premise that a small team is a sensible reason to leave hundreds of customers in the dark. If anything it makes a proper, transparent roadmap even MORE IMPORTANT. Please for goodness sakes, release a complete roadmap, and let us know if and when you intend to support the third biggest smartwatch provider in the world. I want to renew my subscription but I can't be bothered if you're not going to support the hardware. Thanks for the app and your hard work.

Thank you, Raymond. We don't generally share the roadmap, as priorities may change and we don't want to create expectations we won't be able to fulfill. We will look into Garmin support in the future, but can't commit at this time. Our focus is currently on best-in-class support for Apple Watch and Wear OS. 

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Is there at this moment already clarity about the support on Garmin watches?



Hi Patrick,  At this time we are not actively working on Garmin watch support.  As a small team, we remain focused on providing the best service to the watches we do support. If the demand changes we will look into Garmin in the future, but we are not committing to it at this time. Thank you,

Garmin seems to have some SDKs and okay developer support. Would you be interested in having a contractor help you add support? I feel like this is a huge market segment you're missing out on. Garmin is by no means a small player on the golf market any more. If the team wants to discuss this, maybe we can find a way to do a spike on Garmin support and roll it out to beta users. Please reach out to me.
Yeah, I'm definitely on board with this thread. I've been using Golf Pad for several years now and fitness is also an important part of my family's lifestyle. Considering Garmin has vastly better hardware and software for their watches compared to Samsung, a good many of us would drop Samsung in a heartbeat for a Garmin watch if Golf Pad worked with Garmin. I would seriously consider the option of integrating with Garmin if possible. The marriage between Golf Pad and Garmin would be one for the ages!

Thomas, Thank you for your feedback. It is valuable for us to hear from our users and their wishes. 

We actually have a bit of an update to share. Our engineering team is currently investigating additional smartwatch platforms. There is more work that needs to be completed before committing to any specifics or potential target dates. However, I thought you and others would appreciate knowing that Garmin is on this list! 

We will provide updates as we have more information to share. 

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That is outstanding news Jonathan! With touchscreen creeping into the Garmin lines the user's experience could be extraordinary!! Golf Pad could be at the heart of a golf app revolution when paired and enjoyed by Garmin users current and future. Both brands (Golf Pad and Garmin) I imagine would strongly benefit with the universal utility, given that Garmin makes nice with the major phone brands, so one does not have to choose one OR the other, you can get the best of all worlds!! I realize it's a stand by to stand by situation, but many of us will be patiently waiting with our fingers crossed in the hopes that you choose favorably toward a relationship with Garmin. Thanks for at least considering the possibility and let us know when the picture clears up a touch.
Jonathan, were you guys able to spike a version of the watch app on garmin? Seems like their SDK is ok-ish... Alternatively, if golfpad made available some sort of API, maybe developers could write their own garmin watch up and push scores to golf pad?

I fully agree with the other contributors here who are requesting support for Garmin. I have a Samsung smartwatch and a Garmin. The latter is vastly superior to the Samsung! Can't wait to see support for Garmin smartwatches!

I have a Garmin Venue 2 that I'd love to use Golf Pad on!! Please hook us up!!
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