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Garmin Watches

Hi I paid for the pro version, despite there being missing key features and have been generally OK with what I paid for. However, I now have a Garmin watch, as they are making HUGE leaps in quality when compared to other smartwatch brands. I was really disappointed to find that despite a huge suite of Garmin watches having been around for quite some time, there is STILL is not even an iota of support for them. I've seen a lot of hand-wavy responses about how the different providers APIs dictate integration, which as a software engineer, I accept. However the total lack of a roadmap and any explanation about why and WHEN this might be generally available is a bit confounding. I don't accept the premise that a small team is a sensible reason to leave hundreds of customers in the dark. If anything it makes a proper, transparent roadmap even MORE IMPORTANT. Please for goodness sakes, release a complete roadmap, and let us know if and when you intend to support the third biggest smartwatch provider in the world. I want to renew my subscription but I can't be bothered if you're not going to support the hardware. Thanks for the app and your hard work.
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Thank you, Raymond. We don't generally share the roadmap, as priorities may change and we don't want to create expectations we won't be able to fulfill. We will look into Garmin support in the future, but can't commit at this time. Our focus is currently on best-in-class support for Apple Watch and Wear OS. 

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