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Frank Corrao

Question.   The layups map view always seems to be calculated from the very back tees of my home course, even when I set up the round from a different set of tees.   It would be useful if it took into account your tee selection when calculating layups?  And on the map view when I mark a point it is also calculated from the back tees.  Would be nice to not have to subtract the distance between tees when doing this calculation.

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 2 years ago Admin

Thanks for your patience. I wanted to get more details before replying. 

If you start a round at home and are is far away from course - distances will be calculated from back tees. But on the course you will see distances from your actual GPS position.

We don’t currently have the tee locations. Locations are not actually very precise. course manager moves the tees around from day to day to let the grass recover and to introduce some variety for golfer experience. so a blue tee may be where a white tee was the day before, etc. We agree, it would a useful addition and we will put it on our road map for future consideration. We believe hazards are much more useful, so we are focusing on these for now.  

Thank you for taking time to ask the question and make the suggestion. 

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