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Wrist Band with embedded tag for marking flag position

I like the idea of being able to use a tag to mark the flag as I play but there is no elegant or practical solution I can think of as to where to place / carry that extra tag without it being just loose or attached to something in my pocket. Standing at the hole for 10 - 20 seconds to find it and tag it to the phone is not practical as it gets in the way of others. Even waiting until the last of my group has putted out and doing it then risks annoying the group behind who are waiting to play.

The best suggestion I can think of is a silicon wrist band with a tag embedded that could then be programmed top have the function. I'm sure it would be cheap to manufacture and could be added as an option when buying a set of tags or as a standalone product

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Hi Colm - thank you. I'll be sure to pass this suggestion to our team for consideration. It's a clever idea! - Cindy

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