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Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3

Will Golf Pad work on the new Galaxy Watch 4 ? Knud

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I'm using Golf Pad on my old Galaxy Watch 46mm now, and considering pre-ordering the new Watch4 Classic, so I'm wondering the same thing! No Golf Pad - No Upgrade, so hopefully you got me covered!

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Same with me here... Would like to try the new Wear OS, but I am really satisfied with the Tizen App... Considering the fact that Samsung left the Tizen OS, are you going the follow the same steps and make the wear OS app as functional as Tizen? That would be really nice.

Seems like I'm covered with everything I'm currently using and also that Golf Pad are in active development to further improve the Wear OS 3 app. I sent this question by email to Golf Pad support yesterday and got this reply back:


Hello Espen,


Thanks for contacting us. Golf Pad is now available for Wear 3 watches, including Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

You can see the distance to the front, middle and back of the green, PLAYS LIKE distance, track shot and putts from tee to green (including shot distances), add penalties, mark flag position, undo the last action (in case of an accidental input). With Wear 3, you can also add the Golf Pad Tile to quickly check on your progress in round so far and easily open the rangefinder. 

At this time the phone and the watch need to be connected over Bluetooth throughout the round - there is no standalone mode. Club tracking is also not available yet. Both are coming soon for our Wear 3 app.


Alyona Retunskaya / Golf Pad Support

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When will GolfPad support Watch 4 /Wear OS ?

I have pre-ordered  and would prefer to continue GolfPad on a watch rather than directly on a phone

Great questions! We have great news for you. Yes! Golf Pad is compatible with the new Wear OS 3 watches! Read more about it here

Great news, Cindy, thanks! Do you have an approximate timeline for Club tracking and standalone mode, when can we expect it?
I love this news! Question: If we previously bought the Tizen version, do we have to buy the new Wear OS 3 app when we get our new watch, or are we "grandfathered" in?

Yeah, that's a good question! I still have around 7 months left on my premium subscription on Tizen, so it would hurt to have to pay for a new licence, but I assume the licence is for the account and doesn't really care about what watch you're using?

Hi James and Espen - your account is active regardless of which watch you have (as long as it's a supported watch), so no, you will not have to pay for a new license if you upgrade to a the new watch with the WEAR OS 3 system. 

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Nvukelic - thanks for your patience while I inquired about timing. We anticipate having it complete by the end of this quarter. That said, sometimes technical issues might come up that could delay the release. Keep an eye out for new updates in the app to be sure you have it available as soon as it's ready. 

That's totally fine and really fast, thanks, Cindy!

Hi, today I received my Samsung Watch 4 with wear 3 as an upgrade to my previous Tizen watch 3 paired with a Samsung S20FE.

Unfortunately there are issues. The Golf pad app works fine as long as I don't push any of the side buttons but if I do and exit the app entire watch  hangs and you can no longer swipe up to see the app tray or left to see the widgets and it is not possible to get back into the app and the only way to make the watch responsive again is to end the round on the phone and close the phone app - not great if you are playing a round!

I found a workaround until this is resolved. In the watch settings advanced features there is an option to change the double press of the home key  (top right button) to open an app, I changed this to Golf Pad. Now if the watch locks up double pressing the home key opens the Golf Pad app again. 

I hope this helps others until the issues has been resolved - I have opened a support ticket about the problem.

As separate note - many people have mentioned the android app is not as feature developed as the Tizan and it is true it is missing the ability to choose the club but in other ways it is superior. With the always on screen enabled on wear os the app stays open and distances visible all the time even without waking the watch, this is much better than Tizan where you had to change the watch setting to keep the last used app open for an hour. 

hi all new here just got my watch 4.

but i cant get to select club when adding shot via the watch. is that possible yet ?

Robert Hobbs - thank you for sharing and for opening a support ticket so our team can look into this. We appreciate you sharing the work-around to help others! 

Tim -  We anticipate having it complete by the end of this quarter. That said, sometimes technical issues might come up that could delay the release. Keep an eye out for new updates in the app to be sure you have it available as soon as it's ready.