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Posted almost 3 years ago by John Owens

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John Owens

Is there a way I can manually enter shots by clicking on the map? If for any reason I can't use my phone on the course or the tags aren't working, it would be a great safety net if I can click my way through the course and record shot by shot by tapping on the map. It can show up as manual so nobody is cheating.... and I could enter in data from a couple of weeks before I got the app and start with some data....

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Paulando posted almost 3 years ago

The only way I know is to add shots in the list the modifying location. In a similar way it would be great to edit round in map view instead of going back and forth

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John Owens posted almost 3 years ago

If you disable gps, then you can do this within the map. It's not super intuitive, but its doable

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