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Distance to hazards on watch

Would be great to see the distance to say bunkers or water on my Apple Watch. This feature has been available on Garmin gold watches for many years Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Hazards are available in Premium version on Android phones at this time. iPhone is next, with watches to follow. There's no concrete target date yet.  I appreciate your comment and feedback. The team is working hard to make this happen for our users. 

No way! Finally! Thanks! On holiday now... but will start using it asap.
Do you expect this great feature to be available on the iPhone this year?

Hi Carlo - I'm asking the team about the iPhone ETA. Thanks for asking! 

Johnrancher - we are just as excited! Can't wait to hear how you enjoy it! 

Hi Carlo! Our engineering team is working on this feature for the iPhone app. We plan to add it as soon as possible, however, there's no target date yet. 

Here's the latest information about hazards:

Ok I apparently misread your post so I thought it was available on smartwatch. That's what this topic is about after all. Still happy with the progress, but I'll store my excitement for later use.

Johnrancher - yes, these forum topics have a way of morphing with multiple "conversations" being shared. I appreciate your feedback. We're getting close to watch hazards. Stay tuned. 

@Carlo Kassam - I've confirmed with the team that iPhone is on the roadmap for completion this year. Things can change, but that's our plan. Thanks for asking!

Hi Cindy, great news, I am looking forward to this new feature.

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