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Wear OS Update

I just got the Wear OS update (Version 10 from May 2021) replacing my existing (Version 4 from Nov 2018). When starting the watch app I was expecting some improvements, after 2 years since last version.

However the update was just a minor visual improvement without any new/improved features available at Apple / Samsung Watches.

Is there no chance to get features such as club type tracking, green view, putt out option, layups or elevation on Wear OS?

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After playing some rounds with my Wear OS watch and Android phone
some improvement suggestions for watch app:

->  Display the hole / par / score numbers larger and in bold (golfers over 50 will be happy) 
->  Add a vibration when pressing SHOT, PUTT or PENALTY to aknowlegde successful pressing

->  Add club selection for shot tracking


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I just received the updated version 19 for my Wear OS watch this weekend. Already looking forward to see new and long awaited features I was very disappointed with the new version. No improvements at all but some new deficiencies:


 - With the new design I cannot anymore directly enter Putts or Shots in one step. I need to press first "Track" and then press "Putt" or "Shot", one stroke/complication more

- In the inactivity screen before I could see the current time. But now instead of time I see the name of the course, pretty useless info, as I am on the course already.

Up to now I have not seen to get a new version worse than the previous versions. When can we expect something better. The Phone app is really good, but the Wear OS app is so limited.

Please add showing how far you have gone toward your ball when tracking shots.  This is critical for me to find my ball, even when my ball is in the fairway.  My eyesight is not very good and this gets me searching in the right area because I know my club distances.

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On my Wear OS watch, after pressing the TRACK button and selecting the club, then when I swipe down the screen then I indeed see my actual distance to the shot position when I walk towards the ball. This is an excellent feature which I discovered after the update to the watch app version 24 last week.
Swiping further down I also see my actual distance to the layups and the windspeed/distance correction.
I really like this additional features although the swiping is very erratic on my TicWatch and not always working.   


My Samsung watch 4 shows a different screen when swiping down after Tracking a shot.  It shows a screen that has the name of the course and the following " Swipe left or right to change hole, tap "track" to enter score."  Then shows version 23 at bottom of watch face.

It does let me track and enter club.  When at ball if I hit track again it will momentarily show distance hit from last shot, but then reverts to the screen with the track selection.

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Just updated to version 24 and the distance tracking screens now show up!!

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Just updated to version 26 and now I also have putt out feature working on my watch with auto advance directly to the next hole :-)




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