Inability to select course by name cripples app

Posted about 3 years ago by Raymond

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Hi, when selecting a course, GPS will often try to select the course. But in many cases, a specific course needs to be selected by hand (think any golf club with more than 18 holes).

However, the app only allows you to "search" for a list of course by CITY.

This can make it impossible to find select the correct course, because the golf course will sit outside of a normal municipal boundary, e.g. outside of a major city.

You're left with randomly guessing the names of small towns and "municipal development zones" to try and find the course.

This makes using the app an absolute nightmare to use. The best possible fix would be to allow search by course name.

I've attached a screenshot of the screen in question. Note that "Wood Buffalo" is not actually a city (it's a "development region") All of the courses listed are hidden under this, and are very difficult to locate unless you know to search "Wood Buffalo".

I see a feature request from 4 years ago and I think it must have been missed. :(

Thanks for a great app and hopefully this can be fixed!

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Beat posted about 3 years ago

I fully agree! Search by course name is a no brainer as the other golf apps have it. I was searching for a course and thought that I need to add it. Luckily, by coincidence I found it at last, the city was one of the several tiny vilages around the course  :-(

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Michael Tokarski posted about 3 years ago

Yep, you'd think that being able to search by course name would be a no brainer, but I guess not a lot of the development team know how to use a little bit of common sense..........

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