Please let us Attest Scores for Handicaps!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Raymond

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Hi, I really love GolfPad (I use it on Android), but TheGrint is becoming more appealing every day because it has at least one KEY feature golfpad is missing.

I'm playing enough golf now that being able to have another player be able to attest my score is basically mandatory - otherwise why should anyone else trust your handicap? 

TheGrint is doing this by allowing you to request a person attest your score (verify that it is correct) by sending them an email and allowing them to view your scorecard and attest it in a web-app that is mobile friendly. 

The fact that I can't do this (or its not obvious how to?) is a real problem, and may force me to move over to another app even though I really love GolfPad. 

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