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Posted over 3 years ago by Dave Rieberger

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Dave Rieberger

I had sent this request by email in December, but am now adding to this forum to see if other users might support this suggestion. 

I occasionally use my putter from a bunker, or even from the fairway if the grass is mowed short. Can you please add sand and fairway as lie options available for putter?

There are 5 Lie options for all other clubs (Tee, Fairway, Rough, Sand, and Recovery) while there are only 3 lie options for the putter (Fringe, Rough, Green). The addition of another lie option would not add complexity to the user experience. Maybe instead of creating a "sand" lie option for the putter it could be labelled "other". If "other" was added as a lie option for all clubs it would offer the user the flexibility to use as best fits their needs. 

I encourage the Golfpad team to reconsider my request. Thank you for your consideration. 

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 3 years ago Admin

Hi Dave - thanks for the suggestion. We've added it to our list of user suggestions for future consideration.  We appreciate the feedback. - Cindy

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