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Add a simulator mode

Apologies if I'm just missing an existing feature. It would be nice if you could use the app minus GPS. My thought is to use the feature to strategize a virtual practice round, by manually setting ball location and visualizing various shots. But it could also be used if you were on the course and out of GPS.

You can use the GPS rangefinder to measure distances and see club recommendations on any hole. This might not be precisely what you have in mind, however here is more information on it: - Cindy

Thanks Cindy.  I do use the app that way for strategizing a tee shot, but if my ball isn't somewhere in the fairway I can't "place" it in an imaginary location and measure distance for my second shot from there, can I?

Hi Rick - thanks for asking about this.  Regarding strategy, you can analyze the course and think about strategy by starting a round, then using map marker to measure distances to hazards etc. No need to be on the course for that. As for disabling GPS, that’s easy - just disable in phone settings. Then, Golf Pad will act as a scorecard only. Let me know if you have follow up questions. - Cindy

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