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Layup distances by club instead of distance.

Could I request that the three marks for layup have an option for a by club selection. I make mine the pretty standard 100m, 150m, 200m, but would prefer a choice of having SW, 8i and 5i or something. A toggle could help so of the three. 100m distance blue marker. Then 9i red then, 200m white. Allow me to toggle one or two for a club and the other for the distance. Or all three distance or all three for club.

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Also a the layup should be the plays like distance instead of the actual distance.

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Thanks for your great suggestions! I'll be sure to get these to our development team for consideration. We really appreciate your feedback.   - Cindy, Golf Pad

Fully agree with this. Layup based on play like distance is much more relevant.

Having a dynamic layup based on our average distance with our clubs would be even better.

Also are the layups from the entrance of the green or the middle ?


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