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Posted over 3 years ago by The.salmonaxe

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Hi Team;

Just like there is a stroke; flyover; and map; i would like to have a portion of information available which will help players on the hole. Maybe have it divided into sections. Let me give an example of what i would imagine for the 1st hole on copperleaf.

1st Hole (The Els Club, Copperleaf)

Tee (Shown for Tee Shot):

Dogleg to the right with OB on left side, but right is open, so fading not a problem. fairway feeds the ball from left to right.

Recommended shot; gentle fade over left bunker which will run toward fairway.

2nd Shot (Maybe only show this when in the fairway <200m from green or something), but make it select able.


Many bunkers around green; safe play is middle left for all shots, green rolls left to right. You are hitting into a slope for the first 3/4's of the green; last portion runs off the back.

Putting: (Tricky since you cannot tell where the ball is) so maybe just the first two shots. For this i know that ARC GIS has a water runnoff feature where it can calculate the flow patterns water will take; but i don't know if it has the resolution to do the greens. In parts of the world like the USA i know it has a 3ft arc, while in SA we have a 10ft arc, so USA might be possible; i would leave it to you to work out.

The goal of this would be to leverage the knowledge of the local players to fill this in. I would be happy to fill in the data on all the courses that i play. Which is quite a few.

It would be important on your side to have the fields correctly set up for filling in. So like you fill in the information on the hole data. Let us fill in the information on the shot data.

Like above:

Field 1 (Describe the hole from the Tee box)

Field 2 (What shot is recommended) (Draw/Fade/Keep Left/Keep right/Centre etc...) Tie this in with the information from the other requests that i have made for the birdie/par/bogey data from each hole and how it was played with the heatmap.


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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted over 3 years ago Admin

Hi! Thanks for your suggestions. I'll be sure our development team sees it for future consideration. We appreciate hearing from users as it helps us maintain the most relevant and useful app for our users. Keep the feedback coming! - Cindy, Golf Pad

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