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Club selection on watch

I see this had been requested many times going back 5 years. I have very much enjoyed using the 14 trial version of this app and I would love to purchase. But can't see the point if I have to take phone out to enter club used. Unless someone can correct me and I'm wrong. As this request has never been implemented over the years I see know hope of it ever being added to watch function. Therefore after I have uninstalled this app from phone and watch I will never look back to see if it ever will. Thanks for trail.

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@beat what's the battery life like with the ticwatch pro 3 when using this app? I use the ticwatch Pro and after 9 holes I have 40% battery life left & I need the always on screen otherwise I lose GPS connection and it takes ages to find my location

Hi Stuart, I cannot tell you as I only played 9 holes to test the app. I have seen the same issues with other apps, I need always on screen, otherwise it takes long and the GPS is not accurate. But I am not sure whether it takes the GPS from the phone or watch?

I know mine definitely takes the GPS from my watch as I left my phone in my bag. a few shots didn't register using my watch due to being to far away from my phone/bag, said no gps found

@Beat - Thanks for joining us and for your question. We do still support Wear OS and plan several major  updates this year.  For example, PLAYS LIKE club recommendations should be rolled out for Wear OS in the next several weeks. Timelines are always subject to change, however that's our plan at the moment. Keep the questions coming! - Cindy

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Its now mid 2021 and the android wear feature of club tracking is still not here. any new eta for this addition?

Hi Dave - thank you for asking. I checked with our development team. They are juggling several priorities, however, advise we still anticipate the Wear feature being updated before the end of the year. We do appreciate everyone's patience. Keep the feedback coming!  - Cindy

I just got the update on my Wear OS watch (New Version 14 August 2021) and expected some improvements compared to the old version. However the app is just identical to the old version with all the limitations and missing features. What is the purpose of the update? 

Hi Beat - we added PLAYS LIKE distances. In addition, the new Wear OS is compatible with the new Wear OS 3 coming out soon. We will be adding Standalone features before long. Thanks for asking!  

I continue to be amazed by the lack of club selection on wear os watches, lots of people have been asking for this for a long, long time now and it is regularly promised but never arrives. Now we have a feature added, Plays Like, which is not allowed to be used in any competition and I suspect, but don't know, had not been requested more than watch club selection. I have supported GolfPad through the disastrous Link project, which was fantastic whilst the Link device actually worked, but this was ditched, rendering my Tags useless, so the obvious replacement was Watch Club Selection. But still we wait, unless you have s Samsung Watch which are losing market share by the day. I fear that I will not be using Golf Pad for much longer, which will be a great shame. Please get this sorted.

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This was a great app its a shame that wear os user are a second thought, I've canceled my subscription but I would definitely buy this again when club selection feature is available

Hi Richard and Stuart - 

Thank you for your feedback and thank you for being a long time supporter of Golf Pad. We appreciate it. Club selection on WEAR is a feature we are actively working on and should be available before the end of the year. I'm sure you know, there are many variables in business planning that impact features and timing. We're a small team who works hard to deliver the best value to our users while maintaining a stable app, keeping ahead of manufacturer OS updates and providing new features that benefit the greatest number of users. 

Did you see our recent social media announcement about WEAR OS 3 - Golf Pad is compatible with the new OS. We value our WEAR users. We hear you. The new club selection feature will be here before long! Like and follow on FB, Twitter, TikTok, etc. to be the first to know when the feature is launched.

Regarding PLAYS LIKE data, this is suppressed when you enable "regulation mode' which is designed for tournament use. 

Keep the feedback coming! 

Hi, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the club selection feature is not present? Do you plan to make this feature available soon. Samsung as returned to Wear OS with their latest watch.


Sylvain - as stated previously in this thread, this is a feature we are working on adding in the next couple of weeks. Please keep an eye out for the latest update so you have access as soon as it's available. 

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