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Club selection on watch

I see this had been requested many times going back 5 years. I have very much enjoyed using the 14 trial version of this app and I would love to purchase. But can't see the point if I have to take phone out to enter club used. Unless someone can correct me and I'm wrong. As this request has never been implemented over the years I see know hope of it ever being added to watch function. Therefore after I have uninstalled this app from phone and watch I will never look back to see if it ever will. Thanks for trail.

Hi Chris - We have implemented club selection on the watch. Here are the details for Samsung watches. Here are the details for Apple watches. Which watch are you using? - Cindy

Thank you. My mistake. Have now found the option in settings.
How far are we from having this feature on Wear OS watches? I recently purchased a Ticwatch Pro 3, and my guess is that Wear OS will explode in users within six-twelve months.

Thanks for asking, Bo. We do have this on our road-map. It may be available early 2021, though we can't say for sure. - Cindy

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