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Club selection on watch

I see this had been requested many times going back 5 years. I have very much enjoyed using the 14 trial version of this app and I would love to purchase. But can't see the point if I have to take phone out to enter club used. Unless someone can correct me and I'm wrong. As this request has never been implemented over the years I see know hope of it ever being added to watch function. Therefore after I have uninstalled this app from phone and watch I will never look back to see if it ever will. Thanks for trail.

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Hi Chris - We have implemented club selection on the watch. Here are the details for Samsung watches. Here are the details for Apple watches. Which watch are you using? - Cindy

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Thank you. My mistake. Have now found the option in settings.
How far are we from having this feature on Wear OS watches? I recently purchased a Ticwatch Pro 3, and my guess is that Wear OS will explode in users within six-twelve months.

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Thanks for asking, Bo. We do have this on our road-map. It may be available early 2021, though we can't say for sure. - Cindy

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I have also ditched expensive Samsung and bought a Ticwatch Pro 3 and would really like the club entry on watch and standalone please! ASAP please.

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Hi Richard - thanks for your comment. I'll be sure the team receives your suggestion for consideration. - Cindy

Thanks Cindy, it would be helpful to get an estimated date when this might be implemented so I can decide whether wait or look elsewhere. :-(
Has there been any further development on wear os getting the standalone and club selection function?? I dont understand why samsung and apple watches have this feature yet wear os doesn't??

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Same here. Bit disappointed at some of the great features that are missing on Wear. Been searching for news, but a vague "this year maybe" is all I can find. I only chose premium to get the smartwatch features, but my phone is still needed at every hole. Also, is there a setting I have/haven't ticked so I can take gps location from my watch, instead of phone? I attach my phone to my trolley for safety/security/comfort and ease of use, but this makes all putts track from the edge of the green. If I put it in my pocket for better tracking, I have to keep taking my phone out, which kind of eliminates the need for the watch!
Agree entirely with this, you can select Standalone but only if you have a Samsung Watch! 6 months ago Cindy said they were hoping to have it early 2021, well here we are easily 2021. I think GolfPad really need to move away from their almost-exclusive work with Samsung and step up to the plate with Wear, I understand that a couple of years ago they were the preeminent watch supplier but times have changed and Tizen is, imo, a dying OS.

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Adam Jenkins my watch tracking seems fine but my phone is always in my pocket, I'm playing tomorrow morning so I'll try it with my phone in my bag and see if it's still as accurate. Richard Shaws is golfpad still the main golf app for Samsung since Samsung now have a golf edition active 2 that uses smart caddie ? Wear os kinda reminds me of Windows phones, developers seem to forget about it and don't give them the full attention they deserve

Hello Richard and Stuart - we hear you! We are juggling multiple updates. We haven't forgotten about Wear OS customers! We are planning an update this year. - Cindy

I'd like to add another up-vote for club tracking on OS Wear. As an ex-developer, I know that the product owner is under pressure to include every feature under the sun, but this seems like a significant omission.

I've just got a 14day free trial to check out the watch integration, and am liking the app and watch i/f so far, but club tracking from the watch would be soooo much better.

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I am currently using the free trial to test the Android app with my TicWatch Pro 3 running Wear OS. I checked the version of your app on my watch and it is version 4 updated Nov 5, 2018 ! 
Unbelievable, is there something wrong or was there no update on the Wear OS app since nearly 3 years ? Are you still supporting Wear OS? Thanks for a feedback.