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Strokes gained stats against multiple scores

It would be great if it could add strokes gained stats at more scores than just vs pga pro. (which if what I assume the current is) I'd love to see strokes gained vs pro, vs scratch, and vs multiple handicaps (so 9, 18, 27 etc. Or even in 1 stroke intervals from 0-18) Now strokes gained is taking off, more and more apps are including it in their stats. However, it's very rarely just one set of data now. Arccos, for example, is offering SG days vs pro and then 0-18 handicap.

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Any idea on timings, Shotscope already offer this 

I confirm this feature is expected ! thanks

Thanks David and Piyush for your input. This is something we have on our road-map for future development. I'll be sure the team receives your feedback. - Cindy

Agreed! Arccos is doing this already on their app too. 

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