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The LINK reader is such an incredible and underrated product. I'm holding on to mine for dear life until it's pried from my cold dead hands :) However I fear it doesn't have much life left. In terms of usability - the user experience is SO MUCH better with Link than without. My friends and all play together regularly using the app, I'm the only one with the LINK though since they only started using golfpad after the LINK was already discontinued. 

Are there any plans to update the link reader or perhaps even develop a new one? Even Arccos just developed their own and guess what it's called? Link :)

Please please consider making a minor revision to the LINK and starting to sell it again. I'll commit to buying the first 5 on behalf of my group of golf buddies!

Piyush - thank you for your post. I have raised your plea with our team. With iPhone compatible tags available now, we make the choice to invest our time and resources into the app - making it the best on the market. We also developed free tournament management software ( That said we do know many users would like to see the real (and original) LINK available again. What type of revision would you most want to see? 

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Thanks for all your input! I'll be sure the team sees it. - Cindy

Thanks Cindy, didn't look like my post was approved though since it's not visible on this page. If others can see it, they might have additional input as well. 

I forgot to add 1 think for a future revision - USB C port instead of the now obsolete micro-USB port. 


I would echo this. The app is great, but sometimes it's a real drain on the battery - adding the extra power sink from NFC for the tags is a non-starter. When i don't have a range finder I don't mind using the phone to track shots as it also gives me distances, but I'd much rather have the option to tag a round using something like link.

Hi David. Thanks for chiming in. Since you mentioned battery life, please look at these tips on how to maximize battery life during a round while using Golf Pad. - Cindy

Hi Cindy. I am already a subscriber to Golf Pad premium, and follow the rest of the advice given in the link you provided already. As mentioned before, the issue is worsened by NFC connection for GolfTAGS, so I can't exactly turn off all other connectivity if I want to use those....

My phone is only 3 years old, and so whilst not immediately new, this should not be a driving factor.

I mostly walk the course with my bag, rather than use a trolley/buggy, so carrying a portable power pack isn't ideal. When you're trying to manage weight with golf balls, a drinks bottle, and other personal items, throwing in a power pack (regardless of how small) isn't what you want. 

And to be honest, it's not a reasonable suggestion - how are you supposed to plug in a power lead from a battery pack to your phone (which is in your pocket) for any sort of sustained period whilst playing a round of golf? I shouldn't have to pause and wait for 20 minutes. 

A standalone pack would solve all of these issues.

If you are using a smartwatch does the app still use the phone's GPS or does it use the watch? This would be a possible alternative. However, there appears to be a real trend in smart watches at the moment to either make them as large as possible (which makes them unwieldy to wear whilst swinging a club) or to cut down on features and remove GPS from more streamlined models. 

Hello again, David. Thanks for replying. If you are using a compatible Samsung or Apple Watch, we do have a stand-alone mode that uses the watch GPS. I've noted your other points for our team as well. - Cindy